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North Carolina Stone

The Appalachians are the oldest mountains in the world. The variety of colors and texture of stone coming out of North Carolina makes for perhaps the most diverse selection in the world. Flagstone, flagging, building stone (thick-veneer), and various river rock will get you going on your project. Blues, greens, greys, black, reds, browns, purple hues all make for a difficult but beautiful choice.

The selection of colors includes; Charcoal grey, velvet grey, chocolate grey, emerald grey, hooper's creek, antique brown, midnight blue, autumn brown, mountain cabin, Mountain mist creek pebbles, and creek flats.

North Carolina stone that is quarried is primarily schist, or re-baked sedimentary rock, though you will also find granite, quartzite, quartz, mica, rhyolite, gneiss, basalt, slate, marble - and the list goes on. Igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic, even glaciation have all played a part in the rich variety that awaits!

Typical uses for North Carolina Stone

Flooring, seat walls, stack walls, fireplaces, walkways