Pennsylvania Stone

Pennsylvania stone is primarily a sandstone/quartzite/mudstone. These types of stone are slip resistant and very shapeable.

Pennsylvania stone is generally a very durable selection while offering the color advantages of blues, blue-green, purple patinas, red, darker almost brown like purple or lilac, browns, and grays-these colors come individually or sometimes all in the same rock. The sheer variety of the use of the stone in applications is quite impressive.

Pennsylvania stone comes in fieldstone: cut or carved; colonial wall; flagging as well as tumbled stone (dimensional as well as random) all being the same base stone with a matte finish. A diverse selection of boulders can be used in any garden design to create a modern look or Zen garden. Boulders can be great contemplation areas as well.

Typical uses for Pennsylvania Stone

Flooring, seat walls, stack walls, fireplaces