Soil Supply in Charlotte, NC & Fort Mill, SC

Did someone say Victory Garden?

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We offer several different soils designed to fit any need from filling a hole to growing a great flower or vegetable garden.

Garden Blend w/ Permatill ®

Want to grow showroom flowers?

Perfect for flowers, shrubs, etc. A balanced blend of loam, compost and Permatill® with proper pH for almost any plant material. The preferred soil of professional and amateur growers.

Garden Blend w/ Mushroom Compost

Even Better

Customers have told us that it is "dirt on steroids". It's all organic of course, and we often hear requests for more of that "mushroom dirt". They say, "proof is in the pudding", or in this case the flowers and veggies.

Mushroom Compost

An organic concoction, the proverbial kitchen sink, straight from the mines that is used as the sterile growing media for mushrooms. The material is rotated out frequently for production purposes but is hardly nutritionally spent. It can be tilled into the soil or applied as a topdressing/mulch that will last all season. No fillers that you might find in bagged materials.

Instead of wheat straw when seeding the lawn try mushroom compost; no weeds and an organic fertilizer all in one. Will not burn.

Permatill ®

Thermally expanded slate that is sterile and inert. Multiple uses but at the end of the day it aids with drainage. Semi-porous nature helps with moisture retention, ups the cation ratio of the soil and helps to break up our wonderful native clay soil. Also good at deterring voles. Please ask us for more information but trust that it is very beneficial for both beds and lawns.

Lawn Builder

Lawn of the Month?

Engineered for turf building - micro nutrients and organic fertilizer in a basic pH mix that will give outstanding performance in Charlotte area lawns.

Top Soil

Multipurpose blend of topsoil - organic biomass and sand with a clay base.

Soil Conditioner

Best thing known to gardens! Composted pine bark fines, ideal for amending our wonderful clay. Can be used as ground cover. Absolutely perfect for annual or perennial beds. Hostas love it straight.

Rain Garden Mix

Atlantic Landscape Supplies can customize the mix to meet the specs for State and municipal projects. Primarily used to filter run-off water from parking surfaces to protect aquatic life. Aids in removing solids and nastys dripping from vehicles.

Roof Top/Green Roof Soil Mix

Atlantic can customize a light weight soil medium for commercial and residential uses. Multiple environmental benefits and energy savings. Word of caution if doing research on soil components; southern summers are not the same as German thus a bit higher organic content and soil depth will give better results.

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