Tennessee / Virginia Stone

Most of the stone out of Tennessee and Virginia is a sandstone or quartzite. These types of stone are very shapeable and slip resistant.

Tennessee and Virginia stackable and veneer fieldstone comes in a variety of thickness and are easily worked or shaped to suit the project. Fieldstone has a grey base with some brown tones. The "Crab Orchard" which is an area in Tennessee, usually refers to flagging or flooring in the pink; subtle hints of rose and/or burgundy, or tan colors. But "Crab Orchard" is also available in grey tones and in forms other than flooring. One of the other advantages is that there are slip resistant surfaces available in the larger pieces of flagging.

Other forms of "Crab Orchard" include; "strip rubble", which is more square cut and dimensional stone and used for veneer; tumbled "crab" coping, which is a flat stone used as a cap or around pools; Belgium block, also known as cobblestone and maybe used for driveways, patios and edging.

We also find nuances in limestone boulders that lend a Zen garden flair. Boulders come in all sizes and shapes, but are typically in either the brown or grey family.

Typical uses for Pennsylvania Stone

Patio floors, Seat walls, Fireplaces, Walkways